Social Responsibilities – Kota Deltamas

Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities of the Company

PT Puradelta Lestari Tbk. (“The Company”) puts priority in maintaining a balance between the interests of getting responsible with social and environmental responsibility. This is based on the faith that long term sustainability of the Company is heavily dependent on the creation of harmonious relationships with all stakeholders.

Social and Society Development

Social and society development in Kota Deltamas is carried out through coordination with social responsibility activity of Bekasi District. Its objective is to improve the synergy with the Government Social Responsibility Program in order to gain maximum impact for society. In the field of social development, the Company is involved in renovation activities and public infrastructure rehabilitation. Emergency response assistance is also provided for fire victims that happened around the area of Puradelta Lestari. The Company also provides social support to local society. In the field of society’s health, Puradelta Lestari is actively involved in providing free healthcare, clean water infrastructure development, and helping the development of environmental health. The supply of clean water is also provided to local society during the dry season. In the education field, the Company helps renovate elementary school buildings in Hegarmukti and Sukamahi, Central Cikarang, and gives scholarships to children from low-income families and training programs to improve the skills of participants.

Environmental Management

Sustainable environmental management is an important part of the Company’s business priorities. Details to obtain a sustainable environment is part of the area development, as a commitment reflection of the Company towards environmental protection. In addition, the Kota Deltamas industrial area is selective in accepting factories that operate considering environmental impacts. To support the Go Green commitment, the Company allocates some land for seeding needs, where the plants are grown to certain sizes, for the development of Kota Deltamas green areas. The Company operates wastewater processing facilities to convert wastewater into water that is safe for the environment, in accordance to Environmental Quality Standards (BML). Currently, a wastewater processing facility is being built in order to comply with the ever-increasing number of industrial customers.

Employment Practices, Occupational Safety and Health

The Company realizes that human resources is an important part of business development. Therefore, the Company is committed to keep managing its human resources, by focusing on the improvement of quality. Each employee has the same chance to develop their career. The Company is also committed to fulfill the employees’ rights in forms of job certainty, fair salary and compensation, social protection, and comfortable work environment. The Company is committed to always prioritize the safety and health of all employees. The Company seeks to reduce the occurrence of work accidents. This is done through identification of the source of the accident, evaluation and risk management, work plans to eliminate accidents, workplace evaluation, and routine work program evaluation.

Products Responsibility

The sustainability of the Company’s business is strongly related to its success in ensuring the quality of the products. Therefore, Puradelta Lestari has formed Customer Service unit, whose duty is to follow up and solve customers’ complaints. The Company has also formed an area management team who carries out the routine maintenance and repair work for the convenience of all customers. The Company also ensures the safety of the Kota Deltamas area with security personnel spread throughout the Kota Deltamas area and firefighters who are on standby to prevent fire disasters in the Kota Deltamas area.